Bringing the Power of Plants to the World

We are building the cannabis company of the future by bringing the best of science, medicine, and engineering to the cannabis industry.

Cornfield Magic

Achieve Scale Across Our Operating Footprint

  • Focus on core markets
  • Maintain lean operations
  • Monetize non-core assets opportunistically
  • Pursue cost-effective, accretive M&A opportunities
In Store Pickup

Build trusted brands and consumer experiences

  • Delight all demographics with welcoming retail dispensaries
  • Meet demand for all categories with differentiated brands and product offerings
  • Augment retail with home delivery & e-commerce
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Leverage science for better outcomes

  • Clinical research, proprietary products & formulations
  • Safer alternatives to alcohol, tobacco, and opiods
  • Meaningful IP is critical to long-term success and profitability
  • Develop strategic partnerships

Key Investment Highlights


Scientific expertise differentiates as a core competency within the industry.

Focus on intellectual property development is driving compelling long-term opportunities.

Impressive track record of winning licenses through merit-based awards and minimal investment.

Asset portfolio composed of highly-coveted strategic U.S. assets in favorable political jurisdictions.

Smart brands built on high-margin, proprietary products that will preserve margins long-term.

Early-stage markets with revenue growth tailwinds expected from recreational legalization over the next 6-18 months.

Strong steward of capital with a lean operating philosophy and near-term path to profitability.

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Highly-purified medical marijuana developed by leading physicians, pharmacists, and scientists.

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Green Goods

Goodness Growth’s stable of high-yield revenue generating medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries.

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1937 Cannabis

Professional grade, legendary strains of locally grown cannabis.

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America’s first microdose pre-rolled cones. LiteBud is a perfectly-rationed dose of THC – just the right amount of medicine to feel great, every time.

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Premium cannabis flower encased in our unique TerpSafe packaging – trapping every fresh, tasty terpene.